How to Make Your Home A Priority This Year

Last Updated on December 22, 2020

There comes a time in our lives where we prefer to calm down a little. We are less likely to be out socializing all weekend, and favor spending more of our time at home. We start to think more about our future and what we want to do as we move forward. Deciding to put down some roots is usually part of that future, making the desire to purchase a property and establish a home a priority for many of us.

You may already own a home, or you may be at the stage in your life where you want to own your own home.

Buying real estate is one of the biggest purchases that you make in your lifetime. It is also something to be proud of. No matter how big or small your home is or where it is located, it’s a reflection of you. It’s yours. You decide how to decorate it, how to furnish it, and who to share it with, so that you feel safe, cozy and happy at home.

Here are some of the things to consider that will help you make your home a priority this year.

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Buying Your First Property

Let’s start with an obvious one – buying your first property. Maybe you rent right now like I do and you see this as the next natural step to take.

It can be extremely overwhelming at first. The mortgage application alone can be quite complicated. Particularly if you are trying to buy a house with bad credit. But once all of the necessary work is done, you will have a budget amount to adhere to and can begin the fun adventure of finding your very own place.

If you’re at this stage, think about the requirements you have for a home. This could be:

  • a specific area or neighborhood you want to live in
  • somewhere with an easy commute to your job
  • nearby amenities
  • a better school zone
  • overall size
  • a detached home vs. a condo
  • number of bedrooms
  • number of bathrooms
  • one story vs. multiple stories
  • open concept or layout
  • age of the property
  • modern or contemporary vs. classic style
  • outside space like a patio, deck or large yard
  • a garage or place to park your car
  • extras like a swimming pool or home theater

Having your negotiable and nonnegotiable list will help you come up with a list of perfect potential homes, so that you find the right house for you.

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Making Your Current Property a Home

Maybe you are already in a property that you own, but have yet to put your stamp on the place. Could this be the year you invest some time into your home and start decorating?

If you are lacking inspiration, websites like Instagram and Pinterest would be the ideal place to start.

Whether you paint walls, cover them in wallpaper, or start to seek out new furniture, there are lots of simple changes you can make to make your home feel more homey. Your interior style can become a complete reflection of your personality and all of the things that you love.

Your home will feel more like it truly is your home and not just a place to keep your things.

Moving On To Suit Your Current Life

It might be that you need to move on from your current property. Maybe you have outgrown your home and you need more space. This could be the case if you have children and you now need extra bedrooms or space for them.

Maybe you simply want to move to a different area for better schools or easier access to local amenities.

It might be that you need to move because of your job, such as moving to a different part of town for an easier commute.

There are many different reasons why you might want to move, but the same logic as buying your first place can be applied to this search. Having your list of what you need and what you can live without will help you develop a short list of properties to view.

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Considering a Complete Change

Perhaps the time has come for a completely new change in your life. It could be that you want to move to a different state or province, or even a different country.

Again, there may be reasons such as needing to move abroad for your job. Perhaps you have the chance to experience living within a different country and want to take advantage of this new cultural experience.

The best advice is to look online at properties for sale and again attach the same principles as you would to any house search. This might need to be a little more researched dependent on the country and the circumstances in which you are moving.

Renovating a Property

Maybe you like the idea of really putting your own stamp on a place and are considering renovating a property. Or maybe you kind of hate where you live, but can’t move. Renovating your home is a great way to make the changes or improvements you want, on a budget that you can afford.

This could mean ripping out the kitchen and the bathroom, changing the floor plan and knocking down walls, or even extending the property to suit your family and lifestyle.

Renovations take time and patience, but the end result means you get a home that works exactly for you. It could be the ideal option for you to explore. Sometimes permissions and permits need to be granted for certain changes. You may also need to save up enough money for the work to be done, which can take some time. But in the long term, it could be the perfect way to get the exact home you want.

If you are making your home a priority this year, these ideas can help you achieve that goal.

YOUR TURN: What are you doing to make your home a priority? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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