Make Your Own Cleaners at Home

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I like to show you how to make things for yourself that save you money or that let you personalize your home. This article is a bit of both.

Making your own cleaning solution will save you money over buying more expensive cleaning supplies in the store. It also lets you control what goes into the cleaning solutions, so you can decide what chemicals are used and how safe your final solution will be for the environment and for you. You can also decide what scents your cleaning supplies use.

For an all-purpose cleaner, I like to use a combination of baking soda and water. You can use about four tablespoons of baking soda to one quart of water, and I find warm water works best. This recipe gives you enough to fill a spray bottle, and you can a use this spray on just about any hard surface. It cleans through grime and grease pretty well and makes your home smell better too. The baking soda does a great job of cutting through accumulated stuff on your countertops and floors, and it doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue or create unpleasant fumes like many other cleaners would.

To make a tough scrub, I use a mixture of borax and lemon. You take half a lemon and dip it in about half a cup of borax and then use that as your scrubbing pad. It will eat through grease, grime and other stuff that is stuck to hard surfaces, and it does it incredibly well. Of course, you can only use this a few times before the lemon is unusable, but it’s a simple and practical scrubber that uses natural components to clean your house perfectly and safely.

I make my own brass cleaner as well. To create this kind of cleaning solution, I mix a bit of lemon juice and table salt. You can use white vinegar in place of the lemon juice, if you want. To use it, just take a cloth and dip in in lemon juice and then sprinkle some salt on it. This cleans brass to a beautiful shine and gives it a fresh, new look that you are going to love.

Some of the combinations I have given you so far do okay with fighting grease, but you should know how to make an actual degreaser for those tough grease stains. Roy with DiamondCleaning Calgary says “If you are cleaning the backsplash of the stove or cleaning out the microwave, you may want a heavy duty degreaser”, and I make my own using baking soda and gel toothpaste. This creates a paste that cuts through grease easily and makes it so much easier to clean places in your home that would be tough to clean with other methods.

These are just a few of the products you can make on your own, and you can add essential oils or some citrus juice to many of them to give them whatever scent you like.



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