January 2013 Recap

After falling off the wagon in December, I seem to be getting back on track, but still not nearly as good I did overall in November.  The app I use to track my spending recently did an upgrade and it now automatically gives me the sum of my expenses each month (I wish they did that for income, too).  So now it’s blatantly obvious that I’m spending more then I’m making each month…  Yikes.  But enough of that, let’s get down to it.



Tracking. I’ve gotten SO GOOD at this! When I don’t get the chance to track something right away, I still remember the exact amount even if it’s days before I get around to punching it in.

Medical.  All of my benefits are based on the calendar year, so a new year means I don’t have to pay for my chiropractor out of pocket until I max them out.  I’m now going once every 10 days instead of once a week, so it’ll be almost 2 months before I have to pay again.

Car Insurance. Starting in March, my car insurance will be about $10 a month cheaper. Yay!

Gym. I quit the gym! And my timing couldn’t be better, because I managed to snag a 3 month membership to boot camp for… (wait for it…) only $35. Yes. $35 for 3 months.


Food. Ugh… this is ALWAYS the problem. 16% of my expenses are on food? I don’t even like food, so how could this be?? Well… to be fair, part of it was replacing some of the things I lost when my fridge died.  But most of it was me being too lazy to cook. I got off track with keeping my fast-food budget under $100 about 2 weeks in, and it just got worse from there.

Rent. I lied in my last recap. Starting in April, my rent will be about $20 a month more…

Spending. In January, my overall spending was about the same as it was in November.  Problem is, in November I spent $150 on the chiropractor (out of pocket) which I did NOT spend in January… so where did this $150 go?

Savings. I still have not contributed anything to my savings (TFSA).  So $0 compounded weekly at 2.5% over 4 months equals… $0.

Fees. $8 this month.  But the credit card balance is sitting at $0 and I don’t owe any one any money.


Personal Care. Usually, this isn’t a significant expense for me, but I had to buy more fish oil supplements (and that’s not cheap) and a few things to prep for my wisdom teeth removal in 2 weeks.

Gifts & Travel. These were both carried over from Christmas.  I doubt there will be any travel expenses appearing again any time soon.

No Spend Days. Fell 3 days short of my goal, with only 7 no spend days this month… I think maybe the novelty of it has worn off?

On my 4th month of tracking, it’s becoming pretty clear that fast food and eating in restaurants is my spending vice. And this tracking doesn’t even really paint the full picture, as my boyfriend usually (generously) takes care of the bill when we’re out together.

I know I need to get this better under control, I just really hate cooking! And doing dishes.  And grocery shopping.  I don’t understand you people that enjoy cooking… but would like to invite you all over to my house any time!


February will be an interesting month, as on the 14th (yes Valentine’s Day) I will be getting my wisdom teeth out.  I’ll be off for at least 4 days, but could be as much as 7 days before I’m back to normal.  It’s a long weekend here in Ontario (Family Day on the following Monday), so I get 5 days off work but only use up 2 vacation days.  I imagine a good chunk of my food budget for the month will consist of smoothies and meal-replacement drinks. I also have no idea if I’ll be with it enough to leave my house (or even blog) or not during that week. Here’s hoping it’s a fun little “stay-cation” consisting of pain-killers, sleep, and movie-marathons, because I need it!

  • Reduce overall spending by $100 (compared to January)
  • Stick to my food budget!
  • Cook/prepare meal at home at least 3 times a week.  (Frozen dinners, KD, and cereal do not count for this goal.)
  • Do not drink all the smoothies/meal-replacement drinks before my surgery.
  • Take the time to recoup post wisdom-teeth-removal.
  • Collect ALL THE MOVIES so I have something to do during said recuperation. (Recommendations welcome!)
  • Do yoga or some sort of “at home” workout at lest 3 times a week.
  • Start Boot-Camp (post-surgery).
  • Keep applying for new jobs/find a new job.
  • Update my 101 List.
  • Update my blogroll.
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