How My Teeth Caused a Coworker to Quit

I purposely booked my wisdom teeth surgery for a Thursday before a long weekend so that I had 5 full days to recover and only miss 2 days of work. But when Monday (Family Day for us Ontarians) rolled around, it was clear that I was in no shape to go back to work on Tuesday as planned. Especially not for a 13 hour day (9am-5pm at my “regular” Education job and then 6-10pm to Stage Manage the rehearsal) considering I hadn’t even been awake for a total of 13 hours combined in the 4 days prior!

Had there not been rehearsal that night, my bosses wouldn’t even notice I wasn’t there, but of course, stage managing is always more important then my actual job or my physical (and mental) well-being…

I debated going in for the evening only, but my coworker who was also looking after me sensibly convinced me not to push it. So I called in sick, had major guilt about it, and had a restless night full of anxiety dreams.

I knew there was no one easily available to fill in for me for rehearsal. I knew that it would fall on “G”, another co-worker who’s had to pseudo-fill-in for me before. I knew she wasn’t going to be able to do it (she works 3 other jobs to support her currently disabled husband and 2 kids). And I knew my boss would yell at her for not being available (because he’s done it before).

What I didn’t know is that this would be the last straw for G. I didn’t know that she would march into our bosses office and hand-over her 2 weeks notice. One boss tried to get to her to reconsider, while the other threw a temper tantrum like the full-grown man-child he is.

I finally had the chance to talk to G this afternoon and she reassured me that she doesn’t blame me for any of this, but I still feel guilty. If I’d sucked it up and went to work, the boss wouldn’t have been on a rampage, wouldn’t have taken it out on her, and she would still have this job.

Chances are that it was only a matter of time before he flipped out at her over something else and she would be out the door anyways, but playing the middle-man in this scenario sucks. Mostly because I wish I had the guts to walk out the door with her.

Amanda Kay

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8 thoughts on “How My Teeth Caused a Coworker to Quit”

  1. Oh wow. But just think, this is probably a good thing. That co-worker probably needed a reason or push to finally quit and maybe you helped her do that?

  2. I think you were the final push and not the reason for your coworker to quit. It’s not your coworker’s fault that you couldn’t go to work and she couldn’t cover for you and your boss most definitely shouldn’t have reacted the way he did.

    • She isn’t the first person to quit because this boss over-reacted like this. I’ve been seconds from walking out the door myself when he starts swearing and yelling at me/us over things that are so insignificant. I can’t wait for the day I find a new job and I’m out of there!


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