Forever Waiting

Good news! Shortly after I last posted about waiting for my Employment Insurance to come through, I received my first payment. Just in time for rent, my car payment and student loan payment to come off. Phew!

I was not anticipating getting paid this soon because:

  • It normally takes 4-6 weeks to process a claim and it had only been just over 3 weeks since I applied (for the second time)
  • It took 7 weeks for my claim to be processed last summer
  • I had not received anything in the mail or on my Service Canada account saying I’ve been approved for EI
  • My Service Canada account said that they would review my information by July 10th
  • I was waiting to get and submit my Record of Employment (ROE) from that job I worked 3 whole days at

But the money in my account has proven me wrong!

As it turns out, the whole July 10th thing is because the company had electronically submitted the ROE I was waiting for. (But I of course, didn’t realize this until I had already driven across town, picked up a paper copy, and brought it into the Service Canada office myself.) This shouldn’t impact my claim at all because I had to include all of the details in the application – they required the documentation for verification purposes only.

So yay! MONEY! But unfortunately, this doesn’t mean we’re done waiting…


Nope. We’re still waiting to hear about this great job opportunity for R. You know, the one that the hiring manager asked him to apply to back in March? That wasn’t posted until mid-May? That closed over a month ago? That they still haven’t called anyone in for interviews? Yeah, that job.

His mom (who works for the company but is not involved with the hiring) has repeatedly been told that we’ll hear “sometime this week”. But obviously, that hasn’t happened. The latest update is that they now have to hire an additional person, so we suspect that the whole job will be have to be posted again. So, we continue to wait.

And I’m still waiting for news on what’s happening with the college job. I ran into a colleague this week who was working under the same contract as me (but she has full time status with the college, so she gets bounced around when contracts end instead of getting laid off like I did). She told me that there is still no news on the grant that funds these jobs. You know, the one that I was originally told we’d hear about by January? Then February? Then July? (Well, I guess there’s still hope for July.) Again, we continue to wait.

I’m thrilled that we finally have one less thing we’re waiting on. But like I’ve said before, I hate waiting. I’m not very good at it. I wish we had an answer – any answer – in regards to both of these job. (Obviously my fingers are crossed that it’s good news.)

Until then, we continue forever waiting

What’s the longest you’ve ever waited to hear about a new opportunity?
Would you have moved on by now if you were in either of our situations?

* Image Credit: “Waiting for their Human” by loren chipman, used under CC BY / Desaturated from original

Amanda Kay

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5 thoughts on “Forever Waiting”

  1. It’s unreal how long some companies jerk you around for when it comes to a new job opportunity. I can’t understand how they don’t get it that they’re playing with people’s lives. Hopefully you guys hear some positive news soon.

  2. I hate waiting, especially when you have no power to do anything about it and it actually has a quite significant impact in your life. I probably lost count how many times this kind of thing has happened to me, but I wish you the best of luck!

  3. I’m glad the employment insurance came through! It does suck to wait to hear back regarding jobs. R’s job actually took him almost three months to get, I believe. He went in for an interview sometime in January, called back a few times, was kind of strung along, finally went back again, and started at the end of April. A tad ridiculous, but there could be hope for your R! Sometimes management is seriously backed up and has no clue what they’re doing. I believe it took me a month to complete three interviews and get hired at one job. I hope you hear back this month.

  4. Waiting to hear from a job is the worst! I remember I had completely forgotten about a job I had applied to bc they didn’t call for interview until like almost two or three months. But I ended up getting the job, so bright side!

  5. Waiting on grant-funded positions is the worst! I’m funded through unconventional channels which means I don’t feel like I have much security (aka, in my contract it states something to the effect of me being fired if the external funding disappears… so much for the security in a 5 year contract).

    Glad the EI came in though 🙂 Hope you and R get somewhere with the waiting game.


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