The 4 Most Desirable Places to Live in Canada

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Last Updated on December 21, 2020

Canada has much to offer, boasting a number of cities that provide a wonderful lifestyle. Say you won the lottery, there’d be even more opportunity for you to enjoy the wonder that is Canada – but there’s something for everyone in this country. So whatever the reason you are looking to either move to Canada or relocate from one Canadian city to another, it’s time to look at which cities can provide you with the lifestyle you want.


Ottawa consistently ranks highly when it comes to quality of life, the best community to live in and cleanliness. Just under one million people reside here, with the population expected to grow by three per cent within the next three years. The city’s green and clean and offers a wealth of activities and outdoor opportunities to get involved with. Each of the four distinct seasons provides a unique scene, culminating in a fabulously bright winter.


This city on Lake Ontario is the perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy the big city lifestyle while being close to the great outdoors and nature. Some of the world’s best hiking opportunities can be found here, including the Waterfront Trail that skirts Lake Ontario’s northern shore. There are numerous schools and colleges to choose from and there’s no shortage of healthcare facilities, either. There are no less than 115 parks all over the city leading to the museums and diverse and excellent shopping opportunities.


Image source: “Oakville Residential | Secteur résident” (CC BY 2.0) by MMA | MHO

A lovely Southern Ontario suburban town that features a brilliant Halto Region location on Lake Ontario, providing its residents with easy access to nature on one hand, and the big city life of Toronto on the other. It’s just one hour’s drive away from the U.S. border and Niagara Falls and 30 minutes away from downtown Toronto. There’s plenty of things to do for anyone who loves music, arts and culture, with galleries and museums, the city’s annual Waterfront Festival and performances at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts.

St. Albert

With a strong economy, this city is attracting more Canadians than ever, as more and more people are beginning to find that Alberta boasts far more than just oilseeds. It features all the amenities you could want and over 85km of bike trails along the Sturgeon River. This is another great city to move to for those looking for pastures new, whether simply for a fresh start or to enjoy life with their lottery winnings. After all, there have been plenty of people who have won the lottery on sites such as Lottoland. And you could do far worse than Alberta, which has seen a consistent spike in reputation in recent years.

It isn’t at all difficult to understand why Canada’s cities remain such popular choices for those looking to move abroad or for Canadians looking to move to a more favourable part of the country. There are so many wonderful communities to consider that it can be hard to settle on one. Hopefully, the above list has helped to make your choice easier and will see you on your way to an amazing Canadian city that’s just right for you.

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