Dealing with Anxiety Post-COVID

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Last Updated on November 11, 2021

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COVID-19 was a massive life event for us all. Yes, everyone is looking forward to returning to a more normal life once lockdowns and restrictions are lifted, but resuming such activities is not without apprehension or even anxiety. Understanding that the process may not be seamless is a dawning realization for many. Reducing the stress and unease that may come to a post-lockdown life is possible.

Reducing anxiety is possible with behavior modifications and becoming more aware of what strategies prove to be effective during the transition process. Resuming a fuller life that is less isolated may take some time, but it is not impossible. The timing of the absolute end of COVID-19 may be unknown, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Confronting the uncertainty and angst head-on is likely the most effective way forward. 

The Return to Normal(ish)

Maybe the thought of getting back into the world post-COVID isn’t a welcome one, and that is OK and completely understandable. A full year without regular social interaction can be difficult to overcome, and it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be done alone. This past year of quarantining and isolation has taken a physical and mental toll on everyone. Now, with the rollout of vaccines and a shift toward a more open society, many people are feeling angst and are unsure about the immediate future. 

The longing for an evening out may soon change to anxiety about being around people again. These are normal feelings, and as much as everyone wants to get back to a more normal life, the transition is one that will require patience and understanding. In order to “get back out there,” it may be necessary to take the process in small steps. For those returning to an office environment, the transition might be even more difficult. It is helpful to seek out guidance and assistance while making this transition, especially if it causes feelings of panic or anxiety. 

Humans Are Social Creatures

For some people, the idea of seeing people again fills them with dread. This is not to be unexpected. Nor is it surprising to learn that people’s anxiety levels are increasing during this time. Even though humans are meant to live together and enjoy a strong sense of interaction and belonging, that has not been the reality this past year. Because of this, more and more people are reluctant to resume their usual activities and interactions.  

Because of the human need for social interaction, life will improve as more facets of society reopen. It is not healthy to spend all of one’s time alone. The social fabrics that join people together form community ties that enhance people’s lives. These ties are what enrich life and make it worth living. Without them, society will cease to function at optimum levels. 

Implementing Effective Tools to Smooth the Process

Many of the coping mechanisms and tools that were once useful are no longer effective. A new set of behaviors can prove to be effective for those feeling heightened anxiety during this time of extreme change and transition. Implementing behavior modifications and healthy habits makes it possible to reduce the stress and anxiety that often comes with change. 

Altering one’s daily habits to include activities such as regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and a healthy diet can go a long way toward improving one’s mood and mental outlook. More positive feelings will arise when there are daily rituals in place that enhance one’s overall well-being. There is no reason to ignore the body’s signs and signals that it needs a little extra help. Feelings of unease, an inability to concentrate, and restlessness can all be signs of increased anxiety. 

By utilizing the effective tools that are available, a return to normal life is possible. These tools can also help to enhance one’s day-to-day experience and help improve one’s life experience. There is no reason why this transition can’t be looked at as an opportunity to reduce stress and anxiety and embrace a more fulfilling life!

Learn more about the effective tools and coping mechanisms that a program like UnwindingAnxiety can provide to help ease the transition to post-COVID life.

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