Confused woman sitting near colleagues who are gossiping

10 Warning Signs That Scream ‘It’s Time to Find a New Job!’

Is it time for you to find a new job? If you’re asking yourself this question, the answer is probably yes. When it comes to our careers, there are some jobs that you should keep until retirement and some that you should leave immediately. Determining your place on this scale …

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woman stuffing envelopes

Are Envelope Stuffing Jobs an Outdated Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Unfortunately, working two or more jobs has become a reality for many Americans. The latest work-from-home survey by economists, including Nicholas Bloom from Stanford University, found approximately 10% of workers have a primary job and at least one additional side gig. As a step down from their primary work, which …

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a job offer being given to a candidate

Are You a Great Match for This Role? How to Answer This Interview Question

As a career consultant, I have helped hundreds of clients craft responses to questions and helped them get offers from the world’s largest, most demanding companies. There’s a simple process anyone can go through to answer this common interview question. So you, too, can learn the secret of how to …

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An angry boss shouting and pointing to an employees computer.

10 of the Worst Things Ever To Happen in a Job Interview

Are you ready for some juicy workplace stories to brighten the mood? After someone asked an online career community, “What happened in your worst job interview?” these were the top-voted stories. 1. The Company Used Me to Solve a Problem One shared that in their worst interview, the interviewing team …

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Woman on a Video Interview Call Outside wearing headphones

20 Easy Video Interview Tips to Impress Your Future Employer

Over the past few years, a massive shift has taken place when it comes to job interviews. Thanks to the pandemic and the rise of remote work, interviews have moved from the boardroom table to your kitchen table.  Your next job interview has a high chance of being online, so …

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