a medical professional holding a sign that reads Donate

Want to Make Money & Save Lives? Go Donate Plasma for Money

Have you ever donated blood? This small, selfless act does an immeasurable service to the recipient and can even save their life. Plasma donations work the same way; only you can donate plasma for money. Before donating plasma for extra money, you need to understand the process involved. Read on to find out more.  Donating …

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a young couple with a realtor with a giant sold sign behind them

Your 6-Step Guide for Buying a Home With Bad Credit

Buying a home is integral to the “American Dream,” but it is increasingly out of reach for many hard-working adults. The property market has been highly competitive over the last year because housing supply has shrunk dramatically. Now, many adults have given up on owning a home and expect they’ll rent for the rest of …

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babysitter working on a laptop while kids play with a toy train

18 Ways to Make Money Fast In an Uncertain Economy

Whether you’re short on change, need to pay off your student loan debt, or want to afford something new, knowing how to make money fast can help move you toward your goals. With technology progressing at an increasing rate, it’s easier than ever to make money. The internet can connect people worldwide, and there is …

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people looking at stock market trends

Is Dollar-Cost-Averaging the Best Way to Invest?

Want excellent investment advice? Buy low, sell high. This desirable but overly simplified strategy means you should buy shares at a low price and sell them when they are at a higher price, resulting in a profit on the transaction. The problem with such advice is that you’ll have to know when to call a …

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a gas pump

9 Easy Gas Price Hacks to Save Money

Remember when everyone thought 2022 would be the best year yet? Hardly anyone thought the economy might fall apart. However, here we are and inflation has sent prices soaring for everything, including gas.  According to AAA, the national average price for gas in August 2022 was around $4.16. Although price spikes have settled somewhat, we …

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mlb baseball player

20 Highest-Paid MLB Players: Who’s the Most Valuable?

Many argue that Major League Baseball (MLB) players make too much money. This sounds reasonable when teachers, doctors, police officers, and firefighters are all making a fraction of the salary of someone whose good at hitting a little round ball. However, the best baseball players can make their organizations much more money. And wouldn’t you …

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real estate cutouts next to money

Get Started With Passive Real Estate Investing

Do you wish you could make money from real estate investments without doing the work? Imagine owning a property without worrying about tenants, maintenance, or collecting rent. Passive real estate investing is a strategy that allows owners to hand over property management while still making money. What Is Passive Real Estate Investing? Real estate is …

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a father and son counting money

Money Management Tips to Improve Your Finances

Money management is one of the most important skills you can learn to improve your financial situation. If you are not efficient at managing your money, it won’t be easy to achieve long-term success with your finances. This blog post will discuss tips to help you manage your money and improve your financial situation. Create …

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index funds shown on a computer screen

15 Best Index Funds For 2022 and Beyond

Are you thinking about investing in index funds? You may have heard about the popularity of this type of investment. Now you want to know about the best index funds in the market. An index fund is a type of investment that tracks a specific index, allowing people to pool their money and then invest …

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a man looking at stock information on his computer

20 of the Best Dividend Stocks to Add to Your Portfolio

Investing in dividend stocks is a highly recommended way to build wealth in the long run. Not only can the price of the stock increase, but you also can receive small, regular payments, called dividends while owning these stocks. While many stocks offer a dividend, only so many will become successful, and some might lose …

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Pokemon Cards

Pokémon Card Value: How Much Are Your Pokémon Cards Worth?

As the most prominent media franchise of all time, Pokémon is worth an incredible $92.121 billion. It all began in 1996 when Satoshi Tajiri created the first video game of the franchise: Pocket Monsters: Red and Green, for Japanese audiences. Over the next fifteen years, Pokémon became a multi-media franchise, setting records with each installment. …

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