Living on a Budget

Whether you are living paycheck to paycheck or are looking for ways to save more money and spend less, it is possible to live a happy life on a budget. Most of us have to live within our means in order to avoid getting into (more) debt. Here you will find tips on how to get the most from your money.

Perspectives & Priorities

Last week I went out for (belated) birthday drinks with a good friend of mine from high school. The topic of how much we’ve grown since high school came up, as we now both teach high school-aged kids.  Although I know there was definite personal development for me between the end of high school and the end of university, I …

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First Post

So, this is my new blog. How exciting! (Hopefully I maintain this one more than my past ones.) Today also marks the start of my second go of the “101 Things in 1001 Days” project.

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