How to Protect Your Property with Flood Insurance

Whether you’re in the process of buying a new home or you just paid off your mortgage, at some point, you’re going to ask yourself, “Do I need flood insurance?” Some lenders require homeowners to obtain a flood insurance policy. However, some do not. It generally depends on the risk of flooding around the home. …

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What is a Paradigm and How It Can Change Your Life for the Better

a man sitting at a desk thinking

Have you ever heard of the word Paradigm? (It sounds like par-a-dime.) It refers to something, not in the physical world but is a theory or structure of thinking like “science,” “math,” or the world being round. It’s not something you can see or that exists but something created or put in place to help …

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The Ultimate International Travel Checklist for Every Country

silhouette of a women with a suitcase at an airport

If you’re thinking of traveling abroad anytime soon, then this is the article for you. We’ve compiled a list of things that everyone should consider before going on their next trip to another country. From making sure your passport is valid and up-to-date to pack some essential items in your carry-on bag – it’s all …

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What Is the Going Rate for Babysitting Right Now?

a young woman playing with two small children

Whether you need a trustworthy babysitter for a date night, special occasions, or for long-term work, you are probably wondering, “What is the going rate for babysitting?” All kinds of babysitters are available for whatever your schedule requires, but what you need from your babysitter can dramatically change your rates. The national average hourly rate …

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What Is College Like? Common Myths & Realities

two college students studying on the grass

Whether you’re leaving home for the first time or enrolling in your local community college, you might have a lot of misconceptions about the college experience. For students who are looking to prepare for college and asking that key question—what is college really like?—keep reading to learn about some of the myths and realities and …

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Don’t Stress! Make a Travel Checklist

a travel checklist and other vacation items laid out on a bed

Do you love taking vacations but hate packing? Well, you’re not alone! A recent OnePoll survey found that 65% of people have a difficult time packing for trips.  With 33% of people packing their bags only 24 hours before their trip, it is easy to see why two-thirds of people overpack their suitcase, one-third still …

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I Didn’t Get Enough Financial Aid: Now What?

cash next to a post-it note reading savings for college

Tuition and fees for the 2020 to 2021 academic year averaged $11,171 at in-state public colleges, and a whopping $41,411 at private colleges. And the price tag for an undergraduate degree keeps going up every year. Any way you look at it, college is a huge expense for students and their family. Most schools offer …

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12 Ideas on How to Travel for Free (Almost) In 2021

girl with her puppy overlooking a mountain

If you’re like us, the chances are that you’re wondering if we will ever get to travel again! The masked trips to grocery stores, friend’s houses, and the nearby park just aren’t cutting it anymore. As more of the world eases travel restrictions, many of us consider packing our bags and taking off again. Besides …

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Overwater Bungalows: Here is Everything You Need to Know

overwater bungalow

Overwater bungalows are a staple in luxury travel destinations. However, few vacations can top the excitement and romance of overwater bungalows. With your private island, clear water just beneath you, and breathtaking sunsets outside from your stilted accommodations, this is a vacation like no other. If you’re considering taking your next vacation to an overwater …

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53 Ways You Can Embrace Frugal Living Today

a women putting money into a piggy bank

For some of us, frugality comes naturally. But for others, frugal living conjures up images of a miserly, meager existence. No wonder so many tune out when the topic of frugality comes up! But what if I told you living frugally doesn’t have to be painful or boring? And—what if I also told you it …

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Are You Making a Living or Making a Life?

a couple with a dog relaxing by a lake

“I’ve learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life” – Maya Angelou I’m not one to use inspirational quotes that often, but if you visit my homepage, you’ll find the above quote prominently displayed. “Making a living” is even part of my tagline for this site. This quote by …

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