Use These 5 Tips to Care for Your New Dog

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Have you recently brought a new dog into your home? If so, congratulations! Getting a new dog is an exciting time, as you now have a new loving friend to add to your family. But once you bring that new dog into your home, you may realize that you’re not entirely sure how to best take care of them. You want what’s best for your new family member, so you don’t want to make any mistakes. Below are 5 tips you can use to take care of your new dog and ensure they are happy, healthy, and safe. 

Take Them for Frequent and Lengthy Walks

First, dogs love walks. Sometimes the best part of a dog’s day is when they get to go for a walk outside. To make your new dog happy, you should aim to take them on as many walks as you can. This doesn’t mean you need to spend every hour outside though. 2 or 3 walks each day should suffice, as long as each once lasts for a decent amount of time. Two trips around your block are probably enough to tire your dog out each day. 

If you don’t have the time because of work or other commitments, consider finding some dog walking services near you. They can take your dog out when you’re not at home or when you’re just too busy, freeing you up while still getting your dog the exercise they need. This is a minor cost that will keep your dog happy and healthy, plus they won’t be awake all night with stored up energy. 

Teach them Obedience Commands

To keep your dog safe, it’s important that you teach them some basic commands. Commands like “sit” and “stay” are essential to ensure your dog doesn’t go off chasing something they aren’t supposed to. You can either teach these commands to your dog yourself (there are plenty of guides online to show you how) or you can take your dog to an obedience school. 

Teaching your dog these commands is a great way to bond with your dog while also keep them safe. And while you’re at it, teach them some fun tricks like “fetch” or “play dead”! Dogs respond well to commands and enjoy the time with you, so set aside time to make sure your dog learns some basic commands. 

Find the Right Dog Food

There are a ton of dog food options out there. When you first go shopping for some, it can be hard to know which kind to get. The best thing you can do is conduct plenty of research and get some expert opinions. For example, if you adopted the dog, you can talk to their previous owners to see what kind they ate there. Or you can talk to your veterinarian and see what they recommend. 

You should also conduct your own research, finding reviews online for different products to see what other owners had to see and what the products actually contain. In the end, you may just need to buy a few different types and see what your dog responds to best. 

Take them to a Veterinarian

Speaking of getting advice from a vet, you should take your new dog for a checkup as soon as you can. Your veterinarian can tell you things like what vaccines your dog needs, whether they need to be spayed or neutered, and how to best keep your dog healthy. By taking your dog to the veterinarian early you can get to know the vet and have all the paperwork filled out should you ever need to bring your dog in for an emergency. Find a veterinarian near you with good reviews, then schedule an appointment shortly after getting your new dog. 

Learn to Read Their Body Language

Finally, just like humans, dogs have their own body language. BY learning to read this body language, you can tell when your dog is upset, afraid, hungry, excited, playful or angry. You can then react accordingly and provide the best care for your dog. This guide will teach you some common traits among dog’s behavior, but experience and time are your best teachers. The longer you have your dog, the better you’ll get at reading what they need. 

Caring for Your New Best Friend

I hope this guide was able to give you some good advice on how to best care for your new dog. Dogs are a wonderful addition to any home, and if you take care of them well, you’ll have a new best friend for years to come.

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