Tips to Save Money While Traveling in London, England

While I’m far from being any sort of expert on the subject, these are a few things I learned about saving money on my trip to London, England that I thought would be good to share (or at the very least have a record of it for future reference). 1. Put everything you can on …

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My Top 5 Favourite Things About London, England

I have always wanted to travel. More specifically, I’ve always wanted to travel to England. I’m not sure what the draw to that country is over the rest of Europe but it likely has something to do with my interest in theatre, the fact that I’ve had some friends live over there before and heard …

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First Post

So, this is my new blog. How exciting! (Hopefully I maintain this one more than my past ones.) Today also marks the start of my second go of the “101 Things in 1001 Days” project.