The Best Investments You Can Make For Your Home

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One of the best things about owning your home is that the money you invest in it adds to its value. This means that you get to enjoy any upgrades in the here and now, but if you come to sell later down the line, you’ll recoup your costs (often, plus a lot more).

Some upgrades are always worth making as not only will they make your life better while you’re living in the home, but homebuyers love them too so your home will sell quickly at the asking price if you ever put it on the market. Here are some of the best investments you can make.

High Quality Flooring

High quality, hard wearing floors downstairs are always a smart move. They look great, are easy to clean and last a very long time if they’re looked after.

Take solid wood, for example. This can last up to a hundred years if cared for in the right way! It can be sanded down every few years to remove any scratches, scuffs or marks making it look as good as new. Wood looks classic and will suit any decor, it’s the sort of thing that will simply never go out of style.

Otherwise, natural stone like marble or granite also make good choices.

While these can be costly upfront, you most definitely save yourself money in the long run. In fact, you might never need to put another type of flooring down for as long as you live!

Hard flooring can be made cozy with large rugs, and if you choose a neutral colour it will always work with any decor choices over the years. These will add value to your home, and will also be desirable for homebuyers who will also be aware of how low maintenance and long lasting they are.

Carpets might be cozy but they can wear quickly and look shabby, and can harbour all kinds of nasties- ask any pest control company! The average carpet contains vomit, faces, food poisoning bacteria and all kinds of decomposing insects- even if you vacuum and clean regularly. No wonder that buyers will love hard floors but won’t want to inherit your old carpets!

Good Windows and Doors

Top spec windows and doors are desirable for a number of reasons.

First, they look nice and can make the home look more appealing from the outside. If you’re giving the outside a facelift by painting it, having it rendered or adding panels then new windows can really finish off the look.

Newer windows and doors are also good from a home security perspective. They can be fitted with extra panels of glazing (so triple, or even quadruple!) which makes them harder to smash or gain access through. The frames will also be made of more robust materials that are harder to wedge open. Newer doors will have the best quality locks on the market, again making it difficult for a criminal to gain access.

Finally, these upgrades can also save you on your gas and electricity bill. Windows that are newer tend to be more energy efficient, they stop the warm air from inside getting out which means you spend less on your fuel bill (not to mention this is good for the environment– another thing that many modern homebuyers will be looking for).

Windows and doors can essentially ‘pay for themselves’ after a few years since your bills will be cheaper. And even if you move before then, you can recoup your costs by putting up your house price since they will make it more valuable. So either way, you have nothing to lose.

A Modern, Neutral Kitchen

As the saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s such an important room when you’re cooking for a family (or even just yourself) you need a pleasing, well thought out space. For many, it’s a place to entertain friends, and if your kitchen and dining room are combined it’s the place you’ll eat your meals too.

A good kitchen can make life so much easier for yourself, with everything properly laid out there’s no need to rummage and the things you need are all accessible.

If you plan on selling later on, you’ll of course want a kitchen that will appeal to both yourself as well as future buyers will like. For this reason, go with something modern, neutral and a ‘safe’ choice. High quality plain white cupboards and granite or wooden tops for example will appeal to just about everyone. It doesn’t mean your kitchen has to look boring, you can always add colour, texture and interest with accessories that are easily removed when you come to sell.

If your home is likely to appeal to families then you’ll want a family kitchen.

If it’s a small apartment, you’ll want to make the most of every nook and cranny with the space. Pinterest has plenty of ideas, you should work with a kitchen designer who can bring your vision to life in a practical way.

Landscaped Garden

As well as the interior of the home, another thing that will improve it for your own sake, as well as add value, is by improving the outside areas.

The garden is essentially another ‘room’ in the home to enjoy when the weather is mild. It’s a chance to entertain friends, spend time with family or just relaxed.

Again, it makes sense to consider your type of property and who it will most appeal to.

If you have kids and pets, your property could be considered as a family home, then a nice lawn area makes sense. You could add colour and interest in raised beds, planters or in pots where they won’t get trampled.

If you’re in a bungalow, a low maintenance garden might be a smart move especially if your home will appeal to older adults. Pea gravel and areas with low maintenance plants will make it look smart and interesting.

If you have a large garden, you could go a step further and add a garden room. These are fully insulated so aren’t like sheds or summer houses. They make great guest rooms, hobby rooms, teenage hangouts or home offices. They’re cheaper to put up than regular extensions and you don’t even need planning permission. Having this extra bit of space can be helpful for your family in the here and now, and is certainly something that buyers are going to appreciate later down the line.


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