3 Ways To Beat Financial Stress And Reclaim Your Health

3 Ways To Beat Financial Stress And Reclaim Your Health - My Life, I Guess
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With the national debt being in the news lately at a staggering $20 trillion, it’s no surprise that personal debt is hot on its heels at $13 trillion. With debt figures this high, it’s only natural to assume that we as consumers will carry a substantial portion of that debt on our shoulders. And with debt, comes repayments, responsibilities, and obviously financial stress. Apart from taking on another soul-sucking job to help clear off some of that debt, the worry and angst can really play havoc with your health. Discover ways to keep head above water, at least on a personal front.

Tackle the biggest stresses first

If you’ve ever heard of sales people “eating their frog”, it refers to doing that thing you loathe doing first. For many, this includes retrenchment, the death of a loved one, and divorce. While these require you to handle things as they come along, another big stress that also carries a massive financial load can be tackled head-on, and that is moving house. Two-thirds of people have rated moving homes as the most stressful thing to do. The obvious change of environment triggers high anxiety levels and in order to cope with this large new commitment, movers are recommended to give themselves as much time as possible for the actual move and not try to take it all on in one day.

Take time to appreciate the small things

It’s tough to take time to smell the roses when financial pressure is weighing down on your shoulders. Not everything that’s nice to do costs money and a simple walk in the park can do wonders for stress levels and your health in return. These moments also help with clarity, which means tough decisions can be mulled over in the solitude of a walk. This includes looking at refinancing or restructuring existing loans, choosing the right payment plan, and more.

But these moments should also be used to simply clear your mind and take in the beauty of the surrounds. Breathing techniques, mindfulness, and even just listening to some music or having a good chuckle can drop those stress levels. This is important stuff because stress is linked to the big six: heart disease, cancer, lung conditions, cirrhosis of the liver, accidents, and suicide.

Get some exercise

Be careful not to add to the financial pressure by taking on additional financial responsibilities, like a gym contract or membership at the local club. Instead, enjoy a mini dance party in your living room while the kids are at school or take a long walk around the neighborhood. Running may also be an option if you already have a good pair of running shoes gathering dust in the closet. Research indicates that exercise has a positive effect on depression, anxiety, and even ADHD.

While financial pressure can be tough, it shouldn’t suck the joy out of your life. Instead, tackle the issue head-on and clear some mental space for things that you enjoy.

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You can beat financial stress instead of letting it beat you by tackling the issue head-on and clearing some mental space for things that you enjoy.

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