Essential Autumn And Winter Garden Maintenance For Your Home

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Even if the cooler months are creeping up on us, it doesn’t mean we can’t be out and still enjoying a bit of gardening. You’ll definitely be thankful when it comes to spring and you aren’t left feeling like your starting over again every year. 

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There are some essential parts to keeping your garden maintained during the winter. Here are some things that you should make sure you look after

Store Tender Plants

There are some plants that are just not able to withstand some of the colder temperatures that we experience. And with the cooler months fast approaching it’s a good idea to start thinking about storing your delicate plants. Moving them into your shed, greenhouse or conservatory in moist pleat-filled trays away from potential frost is advised if you want to replant them in the spring. If you have any citrus plants, as soon as it starts to drop in temperature you should be thinking about bringing them into a cool, light space. 

Protect House Plants And Herbs

Herbs don’t tend to like the cooler months so it is definitely advisable to move them indoors, especially potted herbs like basil, parsley, and mint. Store them on your kitchen window and enjoy them in your cooking through the winter. You should also keep a close eye on your house plants through the winter, with central heating drying them out and less light during the day they can get damaged.

Insulate Your Greenhouse

If your greenhouse doesn’t have heating, it’s essential for you to use other methods to keep it warm. Try lining the glass with sheets of bubble wrap to help insulate it. This will make sure you are keeping the frost at bay. Bear in mind that doing this will reduce the sunlight that is allowed in through the glass so make sure it’s well cleaned and think about lights that help the plants to grow. 

Clean And Clear Gutters And Drains

It’s a good idea to clear your gutters and give your windows one last clean before the winter months set in. If you have debris clogging the gutters and when there is icy weather you risk your pipes cracking and becoming extremely damaged. You want to minimize the chance of this happening by ensuring your pipe, gutters and drains are kept clear. Autumn can be a disaster time of the year when the leaves are falling from the trees. If you’re worried about safety or don’t have the proper equipment it’s best to call professional gutter cleaners to complete the work. 

Treat Wood

The autumn months still provide the odd dry day so when you can grab the chance to treat any wood in your garden. You should look to treat the area like your fences, sheds, and decking. Apply your protection means that you’re getting the best protection ready for the worst months. Most people make the mistake of treating their wood in the spring however completing it in autumn instead ensures a good level of protection against the harsher weather. 

When it comes to spring you will be thankful that you have less work to do just by doing these simple tasks. Do you have any garden tasks ideal for the cooler months? Please share them in the comments below!


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