Adding a Sense of Normalcy by Upgrading Your Windows

Last Updated on December 22, 2020

These days the media is full of COVID -19 alerts and updates. If you are in lockdown at home and can’t go to work, it can get a bit boring. You’ve probably done all the chores you can think of,  received all the memes going round on whatsapp, trawled the dark side of the internet and are now wondering what to do with yourself. 

Well, a great idea is to do home renovations. Working on your home will get your mind off worrying about COVID -19 symptoms, the economy, and thinking about when you will finally get back to work. An excellent place to start is with your windows.

Upgrading your home windows can add value to your home and improve its appearance. There are other benefits to it too. These are;

1. Reducing Energy Costs 

If your windows are letting out warm air when it’s cold and letting in hot sun rays in the summer, your house heating and cooling systems have to compensate for it. That means you end up paying more than you should to keep the house cool in Summer and warm in Winter. 

To solve the issue, some people replace the windows altogether. But a cheaper option that works is to use window film. Tinted window film reduces the UV rays that get into the home as well as heat and glare. Window tinting can reduce the heat of sun rays that get in the house by about 80 percent. That will keep your home cool and reduce energy bills.

In Winter, the window film can keep in heat in the home and reduce your heating costs. So, upgrading your windows by putting up window tint is an excellent way to spend your downtime if you have to stay home as a result of COVID -19 regulations.

2. Protect the Interior Decor of Your Home from Fading

Although we appreciate the natural light we get from the sun rays through our windows, they can also degenerate our house interior if we are not careful. When the sun shines on a piece of furniture or part of a floor day in day out, that area will eventually fade. The same case applies to curtains and other home decor items. 

A great way to enjoy natural sunlight in the home and avoid faded furnishings and upholstery is to tint the windows. They will still let in natural light, but the UV rays will not be powerful enough to damage the furniture, floors, and other items.

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3. Protecting Your Skin and Your Pets

Do you know that the damaging UV rays of the sun are not only dangerous when we are outdoors? When the sun rays stream into your home unabated, they are just as dangerous. 

UV rays can damage you and your children’s skin as well as the pets if they spend time in areas that are always receiving a lot of sunlight. The glare of the sun bouncing off the TV and electronic devices can also damage the eyes. 

Lounging areas in the home must be protected from too much sunlight. Put up window film in areas where your kids play, where you spend time watching TV or reading, and where your pets lounge. The tinted windows will still let in light, you will be able to look out through them, but they will filter out harmful UV rays and keep your family safe.

4. Decorating the Windows

Window tint comes in a variety of designs; if you are tired of looking at your regular windows, you can upgrade them by putting up decorative tint. Decorative window film is especially useful in the bathroom or other areas of the home where you need privacy and still require some natural light to flow in.

Window tint comes in different colors that you can use to create a beautiful motif on specific glass panes in the home. For example, you can decorate your front door glass panes with some decorative colored film and give your home some curb appeal.

5. Securing Your Home and Privacy

You can also protect the privacy of your home by putting up window film. If your windows face out to an area with high traffic from which people can peek into your home, that will encourage theft. You can easily solve that issue by putting up window film that prevents people from easily seeing what you have inside your house.

Window film can also protect your privacy, especially in areas such as bedrooms. You can tint the windows and avoid using sheers during the day to keep roving eyes out. Window film is especially useful if you have a great view and want to enjoy it without worrying that people outside can see you.

Do you Want to Upgrade Your Windows Using Window Film?

As you can see, window film is rarely considered when people are renovating a home, but it is a useful upgrade. If you are under shelter in place regulations or live in a place under lockdown, putting up window tint in sensitive areas of the home is an excellent way to spend your time. It will add value to your home, help you save money, and keep you from suffering the harmful effects of sunlight, allowing you to enjoy natural light in the house without worries. 

If you have decided to upgrade your windows with window tint, you can call a window film expert to check which areas of the house need an upgrade and even put it up for you at minimal costs. Once you are through with that, you could also go ahead and tint your vehicle windows. There are many benefits to tinting car windows too. Do it and see what a difference it makes.

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