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January 2014 Money Recap

This money recap is a lie! I moved this past weekend, but I’ve decided for simplicity and consistency sake NOT to include moving expenses in this post. My intention is to capture all those figures in a post of its own, once it’s better sorted out and not being carried (temporarily) on the credit card. But even without including these …

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money recap

December 2013 Money Recap

Not surprisingly, December was an expensive month. As in I spent about $550 more than I made, including the money I received for Christmas  – but it wasn’t Christmas’s fault. Rent this month was nearly doubled because of the deposit on the new place and I had to start paying back my student loan. (Or perhaps it’s me overspending on …

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money recap

November 2013 Money Recap

I did a much better job at tracking my spending this month than I did back in October – but I did a much, much worse of spending. Normally, I’d start off a post like this with an “Income vs. Expenses” graph to show you how good I’ve been at not living pay-check to pay-check anymore and/or to brag about …

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money recap

October 2013 Money Recap

I did a pretty bad job of tracking my spending this month because my bank is stupid. See, my direct deposit and all my automatic monthly payments (car loan, insurance, etc.) are all through this one account – but they also charge ridiculous fees (like $1 per transaction). So I have a second, no-fee account which I have been using …

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money recap

Septemeber 2013 Money Recap

Another recap post already? Yes friends, because I was late to post my August Recap we’re stuck with two almost back-to-back. That’ll teach me. Anywho, September thankfully was a much better month for me personally, professionally, and financially than August was. The new job is going very well, I’m feeling better most days, and I actually have money coming in …

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money recap

August 2013 Money Recap

I know that it’s already nearing the end of September (how did that happen?!) but between the break-up and the new job, I’m just getting around to posting my August recap now. Better late than never, right? Income vs. Expenses I still was off work in August, living off my savings and some E.I.  Although I was able to get …

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money recap

July 2013 Money Recap

All I have to say about this month is WHOOPS! After 7 weeks with no income (except for some birthday money), last week I received a “windfall” of money. Although I’ve been off work for 8 weeks now, it took that long for my E.I. to be processed. Add that to the refund cheque I also received last week after …

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money recap

February 2013 Money Recap

It’s my 5th month of tracking my money, and overall I’m doing alright. I spent less than I did in October and December, but more than I did in November and January – February’s right in the middle. THE GOOD Savings. Guys! I finally put money towards my TFSA!  It wasn’t much… less than $100, but it was money I …

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My Money in 2013

Last week, I did a quick recap of my life in 2013. In case you missed it – almost everything changed. New job, new relationship, soon-to-be new living arrangements, new life, and a new financial situation. I’m excited to see where all these new things take me in 2014 – and hope they keep taking me in the right direction! …

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money recap

Half-Year Personal Finance Recap

Since I accidentally stopped doing my monthly recaps back in February, I thought doing a half-year check-in was a good way to make up for the missed months.  I had considered just going back and back-dating them (because I like continuity), but then I saw a few other bloggers doing this and thought I would blatantly steal their idea instead! …

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money recap

January 2013 Recap

After falling off the wagon in December, I seem to be getting back on track, but still not nearly as good I did overall in November.  The app I use to track my spending recently did an upgrade and it now automatically gives me the sum of my expenses each month (I wish they did that for income, too).  So …

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money recap

December 2012 Recap

This month’s recap is pretty depressing.  Despite having paid for my flight home at Christmas back in October, December has been the most expensive month since I started tracking (which I realize has only been 3 months), but also the month with the least income.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t even show the whole picture as my sisters and I still have …

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money recap

November 2012 Recap

Usually I give up on things after about 2 weeks, so I’m really proud of myself for keeping up with this (and more so, for doing a decent job managing the spending).  And you want to know a secret?  It’s not really that hard.  I feel silly for not doing this sooner. I did run into a bit of trouble …

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money recap

October 2012 Recap

Armed with the free version of the Money Wise app on my phone, I carefully tracked my spending throughout October, hoping to determine if I can finally quit my second job or not.  (Okay, so I wasn’t so great at tracking for the first few days, but I did really well the rest of the month.)  Ladies and gentlemen, this …

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