6 Money-Saving Life Hacks

Last Updated on January 21, 2019

Change These 6 Habits to Save $3,677 Each Year

(This is a sponsored post by PSECU, a Pennsylvania credit union. Please read my full disclosure policy for more information.)

We can all use a little more money.

Think of the possibilities of having an extra $3,677 each year. In one year you could have enough saved to go on a dream vacation. In five years, you could buy a brand-new car without taking out a loan. If you place it in a retirement account, in 25 years you will have over $230,000.

There are two ways to get this money: earn more or cut back on current spending. This infographic below created by PSECU focuses on six small lifestyle changes you can make that will help you save more money.


6 Money Saving Life Hacks from PSECU

Credit: PSECU

(Please note: Graphics shows money in U.S. dollars.)

How to Save More Money

None of these hacks require large changes.

Instead of picking up a latte at your local coffee shop, just make it at home. It only takes a few minutes to inflate your car tires. Instead of watching cable, switch to an online streaming service like Netflix or Amazon. Take a few extra minutes to line dry your clothes or drape them over an indoor drying rack. Instead of paying bills with a check or debit, get a cash back credit card. Just remember to pay back your credit card in full each month so you don’t get charged interest.

YOUR TURN: What are some other small habits you can change that would save you big bucks over a year?

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  1. This is a nice infographic. I also have to give a shout-out to PSECU – my FIL works for the state of PA and my in-laws love that bank. My sis in law even uses them too. PSECU are good people (that also give fair rates on auto loans).

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